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            The Spirit of Health Awaits You

I am a deep tissue and energy healer, with many tricks up her sleeves. Thank you for reading my site to see if I can be of service to you.

Whether you need deeper guidance, stress relief or to learn anti-aging, am a clean professional agent for the Universe who has spent over twenty years perfecting her craft to anoint you via subtle music playing in the background via quiet channeled guided forces available for deeper, safer, integrated levels for your inner growth. 

Thank you for connecting here and now!

I have a private studio in an upstairs space in WESTWOOD where I work almost every day (See SCHEDULE ), as well as an upstairs newly built studio in the backyard in LEIMERT PARK (Just East of Culver City). 

My WESTWOOD location is complete with massage table, beautiful white coverings for the ceiling, a fireplace, and all the trimmings for a spa-like experience.  I have been there since 2012 and feel it is centrally located for many who need a quick getaway.

I also see clients in the newly built upstairs backyard studio in the beautiful LEIMERT PARK area when it is convenient for both of our schedules. 

My home studio is beautiful, along with landscaping to give the whole setting a special experience. There is a bathroom with fabulous shower as well and extra wide table to sink in to. You will be walking upstairs to a heaven scent experience!  

You will feel transported when you come upstairs, I assure you, whether in the WESTWOOD location or LEIMERT PARK.

Many clients disappear and reappear totally refreshed, renewed and ready for the next adventure in their lives!! I offer 90 and 120 minute treatments for a longer "trip"!

I primarily am a Chi Gong Healer and deep tissue therapist, having achieved a high level of expertise over the years. I add swedish moves along with acupressure and yoga stretches to make it all complete.

I know those who need me will find me. 

It is a sacred commitment to your energies which may take us on a journey together over many years, as my clients will attest to, or not!

Once may be enough for both you or I.

The Universe knows what's best for us both.

If you would be so kind to review my site, prices and schedule, then take a moment to email me about you and your needs then we can go from there. 

I do like to schedule in advance, but same day is just fine if it works for us both, so that I can be meditating about you and your needs before you come in.

MY WEEKLY SCHEDULE can help you decide which days and times work best for you, then can text/email me to let me know to easily put it in the book.

Thank you again for considering my services and the energy connections we will make together for your soul growth.